Condense fact from the vapour of nuance.

   Jack the barrier.

    Bring the noize.



Created in the fall of 2009, PREVERT is an indie, electro-industrial project based in North Alabama.

  Comprising of electronic musician and guitar player Nick Destruct and vocalist/samplefiend Tim Butcher, Prevert blends a complex set of eclectic influences into it's varied, experimental, verging on avante-garde styled sonic assault.

  Having unleashed several pay-what-you-want albums over the last decade, Butcher and Destruct independently released their 8th album together as Prevert, titled The Flagrant Narcissist, on 9/21/18

  In 2020, a new 7 track ep "Evolve or Perish" was released on 3/27. With a video, spotify release of four long in the vault covers and a remix ep all planned over the next few months.