Condense fact from the vapour of nuance.

   Jack the barrier.

    Bring the noize.



  Conceptualized in the fall of 2009, PREVERT is an indie, electro-industrial rock project based in North Alabama.

  Comprising of electronic musician and guitar player Nick Destruct and vocalist/samplefiend Tim Butcher, Prevert blends a complex set of eclectic influences into it's industria-electro-punk styled sonic assault.

  Having unleashed several pay-what-you-want albums over the last decade, Butcher and Destruct will independently release their 8th studio album titled The Flagrant Narcissist on 9/21/18.

  Although the title is an obvious reference to the man-baby-in-chief, The Flagrant Narcissist album, however, touches on a wide range of topics from the massive corruption of the body politic to modern day military excess, natural disaster relief failures, health care repeal death sentences, and the dangerous continued dumbing down of the general american populace.

  Prevert has dabbled in social and political topics on every release, but this album will be the most honed in and focused effort the duo has put forth to date.



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